DiKeRo's PartyDoll


(NW. SC. El Zaburs Charmeur of DiKeRo, JW, DSM x DuMille du Nord)

Mother to
DiKeRo's Unexpected (EXO a, Male)

DiKeRo's Unique (EXO d, Male)

DiKeRo's A Star Is Born (EXO e, Male)
DiKeRo's Absolute (EXO n 23, Male)
DiKeRo's A Dream Come True (EXO n 24, Female)

Show Results:

Total Show x 2
NOM x 1

PEXO Funclass Picture 18-05-2020: WOW a Tail No. 2

PEXO Funclass Picture 15-06-2020: WOW a Tail No. 2

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